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Lesson 13: MT4: Market Watch

Market Watch is essentially your gateway to
the world of investing and trading around the globe. You can choose from forex,
stocks, indices, commodities, and ETFs. It’s all open to you with only one
or two simple clicks.

If you can’t find the instrument you’re
looking for, just right-click any instrument and select ‘show all’.


As you can see, all available resources
have their own symbol-if you’re not sure what each market symbol means, just
hover your mouse over it for more details.


If you are looking for more information
such as contract size or trading hours, right-click on the instrument and
choose’ specification.’

The contract description window will


The Market Watch is the best way to view an
instrument’s chart. Drag and drop it in the Chart Window.

Market Watch is also the easiest way to set
up your company. Once you have found the market in which you want to open a
position, double-click the name of the market and a new order window will

It’s worth mentioning some of the
additional features of the Market Watch app, such as: market depth, tick chart
adding your own favorite markets, bundled sets, and more –all available from
the Market Watch’s context menu.

As you can see, the Market Watch window is
an important part of the way you use MT4.