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Lesson 10: MT4: Charts & Customization

As you may already know, the main part of
the MT4 system is the Chart Window, which, by definition, has a black

When you want to work in a different color,
MT4 helps you to adjust the design of the graphs for your trading needs. Only
right-click on the chart and select “Properties”:

Here you can customize charts to your


Once you’ve set everything to your
standards, you can save your individual settings to a model when you open new
charts. To do so, right-click the map, select the template, then save the
model, and assign your new template a name.

if you name your own template “default”, each new graph will be opened with
your preferences.


Charts are the most important source of
market information for most traders. That’s why good customization is so
critical. The fastest way to customize the chart is to use the icons in the
upper menu. All of these icons are pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a
detailed breakdown in case you need some tips.

You can easily change the type of chart:

You can also easily keep track of the price
of the instrument at different intervals:

Zoom in or zoom out:

Add some technical analysis element:

If you want to compare charts side by side,
you can open multiple charts in one window with this icon:

MT4 gives you everything you need in one place
and at your disposal. Change the platform to meet your needs today and start
trading now.