Commodities trading

With AAG Limited you can buy, sell, and trade a variety of different commodities CFDs including Oil, Gold, Natural Gas and more

Trade commodities

Become a part of the global commodities marketplace quickly and easily. Trade the most popular commodities, such as Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, and access some of the World’s most important and well-established markets. Avoid having to physically handle and store commodities, and benefit from the digital nature of commodity CFD trades.

Build professional commodities trading strategies with AAG Limited’s customizable charting software that provides a wide range of technical indicators. Trade long and short, hedge your positions with our award-winning platform, and benefit from instant order execution using our powerful trading engine.

Commodities available for trading



Gold USD


XAU/USD is The Gold price traded against the United States Dollar.



UK Brent


XAU/USD is The Gold price traded against the United States Dollar.





Oil is a commodity highly prized in the industrialized world and its market is competitive and highly regulated. WTI is West Texas Intermediate oil and comes from the US.



US Natural Gas


Natural Gas is an important commodity used in households across the world for heating and cooking and is a major global trading market. It can also be used to generate electricity.

Why You should consider trading commodities

Commodities trading can now be done entirely digitally through AAG Limited and its CFDs, rather than physical trading of commodities like Natural Gas, Oil or Gold. This allows traders to gain exposure to a particular commodities market without physically handling gold bars, oil barrels, etc. Traditionally, the futures market has been the most direct way to trade commodities. Futures contracts are agreements to Buy or Sell a commodity at a predetermined price and at a specified time in the future, and they generally demand a larger allocation of capital compared to CFD’s offered at AAG Limited.

Fast access to commodity markets

AAG Limited offers traders a more quick and efficient way to access the commodities market and speculate on price movements – instead of actually owning them.

Multiple profit opportunities
Commodity CFD positions can be traded long and short, which allows traders to grow their capital regardless of which way the market is moving.
Easy for both professionals and beginners

AAG Limited offers easy-to-use yet powerful trading tools including integrated chart widgets, multi-monitor functionality, and customizable trading interface. This is beneficial for professionals and beginners alike.

Start trading in minutes!

Why trade commodities with AAG Limited

Exciting opportunities

Be a part of some of the largest and most-popular markets online with AAG Limited. Start trading in Gold, Oil, and Natural Gas in less than a minute!

Best-in-class trading platform

Trade directly from charts, benefit from multiple order types and enjoy the highest level of security. AAG Limited offers an award-winning trading software that has been recognized by traders from around the world.

Low trading fees

Benefit from low commissions and tight spreads, which are important for both professional traders and beginners alike.

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How does commodities margin trading work?

Commodity CFDs allow you to trade on margin. This means you are only required to deposit a small percentage of the total value of a position. In other words, you have the ability to allocate significantly less capital when trading commodities on margin. In addition, commodity CFDs offer a way to potentially profit from both rising and falling markets, by opening long or short positions.

The benefits of commodities trading with leverage

Magnified profits

Leveraged margin trade allows you to receive higher profits if the position goes the right way. However, the risk is that if the trade is unsuccessful the losses can be magnified too.

Portfolio diversification

Thanks to leverage, traders are not forced to lock too much capital in one trade. This allows them to have more capital free to use in other trades.

Gaining from the market fall

With leverage traders can profit from a falling market by opening a short position, meaning they have the intent to sell high and buy back low.

Commodities leverage trading example

For example, if a trader opens a short position on the Gold market and it falls 10%, using 5x leverage the same drop becomes a 50% profit. A similar spot trade without leverage would result in only 10% profit.

Disclaimer: Margin trading also comes with inherent risks if the position moves against the trade. You should never utilize 100% leverage and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Normal trade

Leveraged trade with AAG Limited

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Questions about Commodity Trading

Commodities are defined as economic goods; a product of agriculture or mining, an article of commerce, or some other useful item that has value. Common types of commodities of interest to day traders include Natural Gas, Brent Oil, WTI Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Corn, Soybeans, and much more. Because there are so many different types of commodities, they are typically grouped into three main categories: agricultural, such as food-based products, livestock, materials, and more; energy, such as natural gas, oil, and more; and precious metals, including platinum, palladium, gold, and silver. Any of these assets can be traded due to their values rising and growing. On a general basis, all markets and any price fluctuations within assets are a function of natural supply and demand. Higher supplies typically lead to lower prices, while low supplies can cause a surge of demand and therefore price increases can follow.

Commodities market prices can also be driven by technical factors, such as moving averages, market structure, chart trading patterns, and the ebb and flow of the emotions of traders within the market.The price of commodities can also be impacted by political and macroeconomic factors, and in the case of some agricultural commodities, even weather may play a factor in offsetting the delicate balance of supply and demand, causing values to fluctuate wildly. These fluctuations become opportunities for traders to turn a profit, and grow their capital.

Commodities can be a great investment with the pandemic causing supply restrictions all over the world. Commodities are driven by supply and demand, so prices could theoretically increase in the near term.

Investing in commodities often requires storage fees or costs associated with holding the asset. For example, holding a physical gold bar doesn’t always make sense for an investor’s situation. By trading instead, investors don’t need to own the asset itself, to trade the price of commodities.

The commodities market is vast and varied. Commodities range from gold and silver to oil and gas to agricultural products like corn and soy.

Trading involves either buying or selling assets or trading contracts representing the asset. With commodities, storing and moving these assets can be challenging or costly. CFDs let you trade contracts based on the price of commodities.

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