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Recategorise as an elective professional to waive regulatory protections designed for less experienced traders.
Apply for professional status

1) Create an account if you don’t have one

2) Log in to our platform and go to Account > Other > Professional Status

3) Complete the simple form and submit any supporting information

How to qualify

If you meet at least two of the following criteria, you may be eligible to reclassify as an elective professional client:

  • Have a financial portfolio that exceeds €500,000
  • Placed at least 10 relevant trades in significant sizes over the last four quarters
  • Work, or have worked, in the financial sector for at least one year

Read about the qualification criteria in detail

Elective professional protections

Industry-wide regulations have been introduced and are designed to protect less experienced traders. However, if you’d like to waive these protections and trade with greater flexibility, you can apply for elective professional status.


Please read the following information carefully and note the protections you’ll waive as a professional.

Protections you’ll keep

  • As an individual, you are eligible for protection from the Guarantee Fund for up to EUR 100,000 for cash deposits that you hold with us. Cash deposits are calculated as the net free deposit after deduction of any debt to the bank


  • You should be eligible to use the Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services as long as you are a natural person acting for the purposes outside of your trade, business or profession. You should contact them directly if you are unsure whether their services will apply to you


  • We must take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible results for clients when executing orders or when placing orders with, or transmitting to, a third party


  • You retain the right to request a different categorisation – for example, if you wish to be afforded a higher level of regulatory protection

Protections you’ll waive

  • Leverage restrictions applicable to retail clients do not apply to professionals. But remember, with increased leverage comes increased risk


  • You will not have negative balance protection. Should your account fall into a negative balance, you will be obliged to make additional payments – meaning losses can exceed deposits


  • As you understand the risks associated with trading complex financial products, we will not impose product restrictions upon you


  • We may not provide you with any standardised risk warnings as you already understand the associated risks


  • We may use more sophisticated language when communicating with you. However, we’ll always communicate in a clear, fair and not misleading way

Professional client margin rates

FX (majors)
FX (minors)
Index (majors)
Index (minors)
From 4%
From 25:1

For more information on professional margin rates, please see margin information for professional clients.

Use securities as collateral

As a professional client, you can use a percentage of your shareholdings as collateral for margin trading. Find more information here.

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Frequently asked questions

To qualify for a professional account, you must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Have a financial portfolio that exceeds €500,000
  • Have placed at least 10 relevant trades in significant sizes over the last four quarters
  • Work, or have worked, in the financial sector for at least one year

Trade size and volume

You must have carried out transactions, in significant size, in a relevant product with an average frequency of at least 10 per quarter during the previous four quarters (with AAG Markets and/or other providers).

Relevant products include: CFDs / FX (Spot / Forwards / Options), Futures, Options and Leveraged Exchange Traded Products.

Significant size is deemed as a minimum notional value of, for example, €100,000 on forex, €50,000 on indices, €10,000 on single stock CFDs.

The average frequency of trades can be at one provider, or a combination of. We will ask you for scanned copies of statements for any trade activity outside of AAG Markets.

Size of portfolio

The size of your investment portfolio (held with AAG Markets and/or other providers), is defined as including cash deposits and financial instruments, exceeds EUR 500,000.

Acceptable examples of an investment portfolio can include: cash savings, stock portfolio, stocks and shares ISA, trading accounts, mutual funds, SIPP (excluding non-financial instruments).

Unacceptable examples include: company pension, non-tradeable assets, property, luxury cars, jewellery. If a portfolio is held outside of AAG Markets, we may ask you for scanned copies of statements from other providers.

Professional experience

You work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position that requires knowledge of relevant products.

We will ask you for details of your role and how it has provided you with sufficient knowledge and experience and may require you to provide evidence of this if necessary.

For more information, please read here.

If you didn’t find what you were after, contact us directly and we’ll be pleased to help.

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